Permanent Makeup

Eyebrow Microblading

“Microblading is a form of tattooing.
Unlike a regular tattoo, “microblading is a form
of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted
under your skin with manual handheld tool
instead of a machine.”


Brow Shading, Eyeliner & Lip color

Powder brows (also known as ombre brows, ombre powder brows or simply shaded brows or microshading) is a semi-permanent make-up cosmetic procedure, in which the artist uses a manual process to insert the pigment into the top layers of the skin using dotting technique.


Micropigmentation Specialist

Permanent Make Up and Micropigmentation

Leader in the industry, Angela Terlizzi owes her professional skills to a long period of study and training in the United States. She works in Italy, collaborating with plastic surgeons, medical and beauty centers, where she has founded the Clinica del Trucco Permanente, one of the most prestigious and recognized micropigmentation centers in Italy, a space where excellence, technology and results are dedicated to beauty and well being.

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Microblading Procedure

Here are the steps we take before we start the microblading procedure.

We start by drawing the shape of the eyebrows on the top and bottom of the natural brow. We then shade in between based on your wants and needs, and at the very end, we fill in any spots that are missing hair.









a beautiful skin for a lifetime.

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